Modern Designer Banded Shades in Surprise Arizona

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Are you looking for the latest and greatest trends for the most modern window treatments available? Surprise Blinds & Shutters are offering the Modern Designer Banded Shades in Surprise, AZ

Surprise Blinds & Shutters offer a wide range of colors, designs, textures fabrics and more. They consist of layered fabric with alternating sheer and non-sheer fabric to create the perfect balance of light that enters the room. The banded design allows for multiple effects, including a wide span for optimum views, or a staggered position to provide privacy and reduce light. The bands are offered in different widths to give you the perfect option for every room in your home. These brand-new shades also have the largest selection of fabric textures, colors, and patterns to offer exclusive customization options.

The brand-new banded shades have a seamless design that offers simplicity and magnificence all in one. They feature a single piece of fabric that loops back around at the bottom to create a double layer. When operated, the two pieces of fabric slide past each other with ease to create the perfect balance between privacy and the right amount of light diffusion. The Banded shades are available in different opacity levels from room darkening to light filtering. They are perfect for any room including the living room, home theater or kitchen. The square shaped valance at the top of the shade adds the finishing touch to give you the perfect window treatment.

We specialize in custom curtains, drapery, shades, blinds, and shutters. Window Pros is unmatched in innovative solutions for decorating window interiors in your home or office.

We offer free in-home consultations for added convenience if our showroom hours conflict with your schedule. This also allows our consultants to collect a sense of your home’s décor to help you better choose the perfect window treatments. In addition, Our work is fully guaranteed. Client testimonials and our revealing portfolios speak for themselves. Our aim to offer the best quality products and latest styles to keep you up to date on the newest trends.

We listen to our clients and form a creative bond. Together we turn great ideas into fabulous and spectacular Banded Shades. We are committed to creating the perfect design, tailored made to reflect your style and preference, which will be widely admired for years to come.
We have had many years of experience to make sure you leave 100% satisfied with not only your product, but also your experience.

Our expert window treatment team will personally custom fit your shades by measuring the exact dimensions of your windows. Give us a call 623-208-7450 or visit so we can help you make your window treatment dreams a reality. We proudly serve Surprise, AZ and surrounding areas.